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In our time, baby first acquaintance with the computer is at times before he learns to read. Today is no surprise that in the first class are children, well-versed in the Internet space and confident working with basic computer programs. Therefore, on the background of such intellectual and technological acceleration is very difficult to give a definite answer to the question, what games to 7 years for girls should play it to your child. It is possible that those games that a few years ago were originally created for younger students today can be really interesting to kids only five years, and your child has outgrown their already successful. When choosing games for my daughter, primarily guided by the interests of their child, and not guided by outdated grandmother's rules, which states: "All decent girls should play with dolls! Fortunately, online gaming sites you can find lots of interesting girls' games, in addition to the banal puppet "odevalok", though they certainly have their place and can be very exciting at times. For games of this type can be attributed, and a large series of games in which girls offer to comprehend the basics of proper makeup, learn how to choose a hairstyle that is appropriate to a particular type of person, as a harmonious combination between a wardrobe items to always look like a lady. In addition to games for young fashionistas in the games section for girls can find a lot of great games on a culinary theme. Preparation of various "vkusnyashek" class in itself is very interesting, that's why now appear on television so many gastronomic show. And if the kitchen a little hostess will help and give hints favorite cartoon character or pop star, then this game just can not not like your child! The use of such games is obvious - in addition to entertainment, it will teach the girl the basics of cooking that is sure to come in handy in her adult life. By learning games can be attributed, and a large group - Simulation of homemaking. They playfully girls are imparted skills economics, child care, plants and pets, and it is done unobtrusively, fun and entertaining. If pure girly games are not very interested in your daughter, maybe she will like playing with a creative bent - all kinds of coloring books, music and dance simulators simple logic puzzles or puzzles that are designed for children of her age. When a child is tired of lessons and learning games, give it to sit for an hour or for a fun rpg shooter, and the rest, because he still has so little!

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7 years of online games

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